Why Is ReTargetting Twitter So Important?

Why Is ReTargetting Twitter So Important? Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique that can improve brand recognition, recall and revenue. Retargeting can be a wildly effective, high-ROI solution. Every business needs TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS or they will fail.

To make the most of Twitter’s retargeting service, brands should be cognizant of what exactly it is that they hope to achieve. Given the immense user-brand interaction on Twitter, money spent delivering one-sided promotional content on the social network is money wasted.

However, establishing an ongoing dialogue and continued interaction with Twitter’s unique user base can be highly advantageous for advertisers. Digital advertiser’s have the opportunity to create brand loyalty, generate valuable customer feedback, and to help promote valuable messaging to brand advocates. Therefore, the key for brands is to figure out how best to integrate Twitter with their existing marketing strategy.

Twitter is a unique channel to nurture prospects and customer relationships, rather than just another platform for standard ad inventory — and advertisers would be well off to integrate retargeting into their Twitter ad-strategy. Another benefit of retargeting is that it is a highly versatile strategy that works for any business in any industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling pizza, search engine optimization services, luxury watches, trips to exotic destinations, or website design services — retargeting is a dependable strategy that you can use to complement all your other marketing efforts.

It goes great with organic SEO marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, or content marketing. All the traffic that these strategies bring you can be used by a retargeting campaign to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Finally, it’s important to highlight that just because you don’t have an IT team doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of retargeting.

According to the same study cited above, 47% of brands outsource their retargeting efforts. Whether it’s in-house or outsource, retargeting should definitely be one of the priorities of your marketing campaign.

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