I’ve Joined My MLM Company, Now What? The 3 Absolute Must-Do’s For Guaranteed Success In MLM

I’ve asked myself this question every time I joined a MLM Company. You’re probably saying to yourself, I’ve joined my MLM company, now what? Of course the traditional answer is to get on board with your upline and do exactly what they did, write a list of your warm market and start calling everybody you know to share your wonderful money-making opportunity with them, and learn everything you can about your products.

Many have struggled with that mode of thinking. You may be the kind of person that likes to share results. Not just other people’s results, but your own. You can’t honestly tell people about all of the money they could make because you hadn’t made any money.

You can’t tell anyone about how great the products are because you haven’t tried them yet. You’re unable to tell people about how little of a financial and time investment it would be because you’re spending loads of money and time getting the business off the ground. So what are you to do? LIE. Definitely Not!

You’re thinking, ‘There’s gotta be a better way to do this’.

Wouldn’t it be better to talk to people about starting a business who are already interested in starting a business? Not trying to convince the people around you that starting a business is the key to their financial success.

If you want success in MLM the Internet is the perfect place to go because there are literally billions of people using it everyday. Everybody else seems to be using it. Why not you?

You may be a little leery of jumping out there on the information superhighway. Its like an ocean of information that would drown even the best Internet swimmer.

There are 3 Things every multilevel marketer must do in order to be have Success In MLM. I call them the 3 F’s.

1. Master the FUNDAMENTALS.
There are fundamentals for any business with some specifics for an MLM business. Every business must have a marketing system with planned, specific strategies. There are fundamentals for the strategies you choose. Discover those and master them before adding more.

2. Stay FOCUSED.
Assuming that you’ve done your due diligence before choosing you MLM business, you should stick with your choice. Know that it takes at least 1 year of consistent effort to really see the results of your labor. There are so many opportunities available, all promising overnight riches.

Unless you have a really good reason to leave your current opportunity (like the owners are unethical or the products are making false claims) then you should stick with what you started with and make it work. When you choose a strategy to implement for marketing, stick with that and work that to the fullest. Once you’ve mastered that then diversify.

Know that every business requires cash flow. There are many free and low cost services and products on the net. Be sure to search for those if you have a limited budget. Know that on the internet someone will charge you for virtually everything.

Many services/products have a fee associated with them and are well worth their asking price. You must determine what you’re willing to and can afford to pay for these items.

If you remember these 3 F’s, your success in MLM is almost guaranteed. Consistency and diligence are required in any business. Most people fail because they give up too quickly.

And remember above all else to have FUN. You don’t want your business building efforts to feel like work. Otherwise, you could just get a regular job.

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