LuLaRoe Marketing Secrets The Real Truth

LuLaRoe Marketing Secrets The Real Truth. Lloyd Dobson, author of the book “How To Get Page #1 In Search Engines”. Why am I writing this review?

Well first of all when I began researching LuLaRoe, most of the information seemed to be negative. Oh and by the way I am not affiliated with LuLaRoe.

Well there is a simple fundamental reason for the negative information. The business’s structure is MLM. Now that is not a negative. The negative comments are directed to the company for their failure.

You see if you failed, it wasn’t the company’s fault. The failure was your inability to understand you must know how to market a product or service. Marketing is a critical part of your ability to stay in business and make a profit. So those same people will fail in their next biz as well.

One very important part of marketing in today’s era is the ability to have a presence on the Internet. I am sure when you watch the TV you see that all the companies are involved in social media and they all have websites that they blog on. It is important for your LuLaRoe business to do the same.

My business is art. I paint oil paintings of tropical beach scenes and through utilizing marketing techniques on the Internet drive hundreds of clients from the web. I have found out how to utilize generic content to obtain Google Page #1 ranking on the search engine.

Every week I have another collector buying from my website or finding me at the Siesta Key Farmers Market through their search using their smart phones or PC in Google Search.

Have you at any point thought about how you could get on the main page of the web search tools like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? It doesn’t make a difference what sort of business you are working. On the web or a brick and mortar business.

The end goal for you is to remain in business, and with that said you require TRAFFIC and BUYERS. The condition for progress has an exceptionally straight forward equation: TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = SUCCESS. Period!

LuLaRoe Marketing Secrets The Real Truth. So you too can generate that traffic to your

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