Rank On The First Page In Search Engines

Rank On The First Page In Search Engines is important, if you want online traffic to your, website, blog or business. In order to get a high page rank you need to be careful to implement strategies that work.

It is the dream of every online business owner to see his website, YouTube video or content getting listed on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Not only will this generate free organic traffic to your website, blog or business, it will also assure you of targeted visitors.

Use long-tail keywords and think what your customers might search in Google to find you. When placing your keyword phrases in your posts ensure that they are close to each other. For example, use your keywords in the heading and preferably at the beginning. Rank On The First Page In Search Engines becomes easier.

To optimize your keyword further, make sure that your keyword phrases also appear in the first sentence of your article. Though search engines will pick your pages regardless where you position your keywords, you will get a high page rank when you place them closer to each other.

Basically, initially, Google doesn’t believe that you exist. On the off chance that Google doesn’t believe you, you’re not going to rank on first page SERPs. You’ll be lost in the midst of a huge number of others who’re attempting to work their way to the top.

In this way, the main genuine directing standard of SEO is trust. When you have Google’s trust, you’ll reliably rank profoundly. When you do not have its trust, you’ll be lost in a wretched ocean of low-positioning site pages. What’s more, nobody needs that.

Have you at any point thought about how you could get on the main page of the web search tools like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? It doesn’t make a difference what sort of business you are working. On the web or a brick and mortar business.

The end goal for you is to remain in business, and with that said you require TRAFFIC and BUYERS. The condition for progress has an exceptionally straight forward equation: TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = SUCCESS. Period!

In my book I will share with you the exact steps I use to position my business and website on Google Page #1. The illustrations and steps will work for you also. I will share the identical steps and systems I use to achieve and command what I call the “Digital Real Estate” and to Rank On The First Page In Search Engines.

If this information was helpful, you are watching it on YouTube, please “SHARE” and “SUBSCRIBE” to my channel. You may buy my book titled: “How To Get Page #1 In Search Engines” on Amazon for
ONLY $12.99. BUY HERE Or go to Amazon and type “Lloyd Dobson” in the search bar.

To your success!

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How To Get Page #1 In Search Engines

1_-_BOOK_COVER Lloyd Dobson “The Author & Artist” – Sounds Kinda Nice, Right? The title of my new book is “How To Get Page #1 In Search Engines” and is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook at $3.99, a Paperback at $12.99 and soon to be released an audible book at $9.99.

A few years ago I was paying Google (PPC aka Paid Per Click) anywhere from $100 to $500 per month to rank on their #1 page to drive traffic and buyers to my oil paintings. After several months of this type of advertising I began researching why the 10 listings through the center were appearing without paying Google for those positions and found the answer.

How To Use Google To Drive Traffic To Your Business. Okay you are now in business and need traffic or you have been in business for awhile and need traffic. With today’s technology such as our smart phones, if you do not have a presence on the Internet, you are losing business to your competitors. Why? Because they are utilizing this strategy to help drive traffic and buyers.

1_-_Book_-_Google_MattersPeople now days are going to Google Search to find a solution to their wants or needs. So does it not make good sense to be in front of what they are searching for? Answer! definitely yes, if you are serious about making a profit with your business.

So how do you get on Google’s first page? That ranking requires some knowledge and application of that knowledge. However it is not that complicated, if you are consistent with positioning your business on that first page.

Basically, Google doesn’t believe that you exist. On the off chance that Google doesn’t believe you, you’re not going to rank on first page SERPs. You’ll be lost in the midst of a huge number of others who’re attempting to work their way to the top. In this way, the main genuine directing standard of SEO is trust. When you have Google’s trust, you’ll reliably rank profoundly. When you do not have its trust, you’ll be lost in a wretched ocean of low-positioning site pages. What’s more, nobody needs that.

1 - Book SEO - Siesta Key Florida Artist - PAINT REVISEDFrom its earliest days, Google’s core search algorithm offered the most relevant and most organic search results quickly and accurately on a simple site with an iconic logo that has now become synonymous with the search giant’s business. Searching amidst the world’s vast data, Google cleverly cataloged and categorized pages using its PageRank formula, which assessed the quantity and power of links to any given web page.

Have you at any point thought about how you could get on the main page of the web search tools like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? It doesn’t make a difference what sort of business you are involved with. On the web or a brick and mortar business. The end goal for you is to remain in business, and with that said you require TRAFFIC and BUYERS. The condition for progress has an exceptionally straight forward equation: TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = SUCCESS. Period!

Well after a few years of trial and error I have figured out how to position myself on Google’s Page #1 driving hundreds of customers to my website or market events to purchase my oil paintings. I have collectors throughout the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. As the Siesta Key Farmers Market manager I have also applied the same strategies to rank many of our vendors.

SKFM_-_Jeanne_HeereI made a decision recently to share how I accomplish my presence on the Internet by writing a book titled: “How To Get Page #1 In Search Engines” The book is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook at $3.99, a paperback book at $12.99 and an audible book will soon be released on Amazon. You can go to http://www.Amazon.com and in the search window type in my name, Lloyd Dobson. Or click this link http://bit.ly/DobsonPaperbackBook


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10 Deductible Small Business Expenses to Reduce Your Business Taxes

10 Deductible Small Business Expenses to Reduce Your Business Taxes

Taxes and Deductions for Home-Based Businesses

Your home-based business is in a unique tax situation. Certain deductions are available to home-based businesses, but you must keep good records and determine the business portion of your home expenses. This article will help you learn more about home-based business tax deductions.

1) Understand the “Principal Place of Business” Concept
Before you start taking those tax deductions for your home business, you must meet the IRS qualification that your home is your principal place of business. This article details the IRS requirements and includes some examples to help you sort out this complicated issue. READ MORE

2) New Alternative: Simplified Home Office Space Calculation Method

The IRS has announced a new simpler calculation method for home office space deductions. You can deduct home business costs for the space used “regularly and exclusively” for your home business, using the old calculation or the new simpler method. If you have a smaller space, the simple method can save you time and mistakes. READ MORE

3) Calculate Your Home Business Space Deductions

This article takes you through the process of calculating your home business space deduction, using Form 8829 or the simplified method. READ MORE

4) Home Office Expenses Deductions

What expenses you can deduct for your home-based business. READ MORE

5) Prepare for an IRS Audit of Your Home Based Business

Are you prepared for the IRS to come to your home to inspect your home business?  The IRS wants to be sure you are not violating the requirement that your home office be used “regularly and exclusively” for business purposes.  CPA Gail Rosen answers some questions about use of the home office for personal reasons. READ MORE

6) Other Home Based Business Expenses

Some other home based business expenses you can deduct. READ MORE

7) Use Form 8829 to Calculate Your Home Based Business Expenses

To correctly calculate deductions for business use of your home, you will first need to use IRS Form 8829 to determine the deduction percentage. READ MORE

8) Deducting Home Based Business Telephone Expenses

You can deduct phone expenses for your home based business. Here’s how. READ MORE

9) Limits on Home Based Business Expenses

Home based business deductions are limited.  You can deduct home business expenses to reduce y our business income for the year, but you can’t deduct these home business expenses if you had a business loss. Read the details on this limitation. READ MORE
10) Deducting Travel Expenses To and From a Home Based Business

If you operate your business from  your home, you can deduct business-related car expenses for travel back and forth for business purposes, under these circumstances: READ MORE
Here is a Home Based Business that you can get involved with for ONLY $10 per month. You will also have a domain name website to help promote your business. GO HERE NOW

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Why Is ReTargetting Twitter So Important?

Why Is ReTargetting Twitter So Important? Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique that can improve brand recognition, recall and revenue. Retargeting can be a wildly effective, high-ROI solution. Every business needs TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS or they will fail.

To make the most of Twitter’s retargeting service, brands should be cognizant of what exactly it is that they hope to achieve. Given the immense user-brand interaction on Twitter, money spent delivering one-sided promotional content on the social network is money wasted.

However, establishing an ongoing dialogue and continued interaction with Twitter’s unique user base can be highly advantageous for advertisers. Digital advertiser’s have the opportunity to create brand loyalty, generate valuable customer feedback, and to help promote valuable messaging to brand advocates. Therefore, the key for brands is to figure out how best to integrate Twitter with their existing marketing strategy.

Twitter is a unique channel to nurture prospects and customer relationships, rather than just another platform for standard ad inventory — and advertisers would be well off to integrate retargeting into their Twitter ad-strategy. Another benefit of retargeting is that it is a highly versatile strategy that works for any business in any industry. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling pizza, search engine optimization services, luxury watches, trips to exotic destinations, or website design services — retargeting is a dependable strategy that you can use to complement all your other marketing efforts.

It goes great with organic SEO marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, or content marketing. All the traffic that these strategies bring you can be used by a retargeting campaign to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Finally, it’s important to highlight that just because you don’t have an IT team doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of retargeting.

According to the same study cited above, 47% of brands outsource their retargeting efforts. Whether it’s in-house or outsource, retargeting should definitely be one of the priorities of your marketing campaign.

Find out how to get quality home business leads. Learn more and the strategies to accomplish targeted traffic to your website or business. See FREE how to get 10 to 25 leads per day utilizing these strategies today. CLICK HERE NOW



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7 Powerful Ways To Add Thousands To Your List

7 Powerful Ways to Add Thousands to your List and Master the MLM “Numbers Game”

In MLM, it’s not what you know, or even who you know. It’s actually more about who knows you. If you’re at all serious, you’ve got a list of subscribers to your blog, an RSS feed, an email newsletter or other services. Whether 10 you’ve got just 10 people on your list or 10,000, the object of the game is to build your list! After all, you’ve probably heard a thousand times…

“MLM is a numbers game!”

And making those numbers work for you is vital to your success. It’s not going to happen without hard work, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  You can bet that any of the current crop of mlm gurus have lists in the tens of thousands — but they’re not resting on their laurels. They keep on building.

That’s why you’ve heard of them

Here’s How You can Become One of Them

1. Make it easy for visitors to subscribe.

Easy forms are a must. You don’t need to collect anything beyond their name and email.  Think about it – they’re signing up because they want to –and asking for any more information might just make them think it’s too much work to subscribe.

2. Make it easy and painless for subscribers to unsubscribe

One day your subscriber will lose interest and want to move on – and if you keep contacting them, that’s when you become a spammer.  At the end of every message you send, include a user-friendly way for them to stop receiving messages from you.

3. Offer an “ethical bribe” – something valuable in exchange for their contact information

A free report, a free e-book, a multi-part training course, a webinar or audio series, or a weekly or daily newsletter are among the best ways to “bribe” people to subscribe. Just make sure what you’re providing is unique, valuable, and well-produced.

4. Solve your visitors’ problems.

If your blog is public, provide great problem-solving content that makes your visitors want to keep coming back for more. Provide a way for them to subscribe to your RSS feed so they get the latest content.

 5. Participate in forums and groups relevant to your niche.

Find out where your target market “hangs out” online, and join those forums and groups. Offer pertinent content, contribute meaningfully to the conversations in progress, and provide a link in your signature to direct people to your site. (But DO NOT spam these communities with irrelevant links or huge signature lines!)

6. Don’t “give away the store”

When offering your services, don’t be afraid to tease – use juicy, compelling headlines, bullets, and copy that hints at the value they’ll get if they join your list.

7. Create a sense of urgency

Use an “expiration date” to motivate your visitors to opt in to your list right away. You don’t need to get complicated — just mention that your special offer expires at a certain time on a certain date.  Psychologically, your potential subscriber will then be forced to make a decision quickly.


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How To Stream Live Video On Facebook

1-facebook-live-streaming-logoHow To Stream Live Video On Facebook? Facebook has done it again. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but they have released an awesome new way to connect – have you ever heard of Facebook Live? If not, Facebook Live now lets you connect with your friends, fans, family and followers by sharing real-time video of what you are doing/seeing.

In other words, you now have the capability to share anything in real time with your Facebook family – as long as you have your smart phone.

This is an absolute game-changer… and I’m here to walk you through the steps of how to stream live video so you can take full advantage of this awesome marketing tool.
Who Has Access To Facebook Live?

Facebook Live starting making noise around late summer of 2015. It was first introduced to a select amount of people, mainly celebrities and athletes with verified Fan Pages.

Soon enough Facebook Live was available to all verified fan pages… and that’s when I began to take full advantage of this amazing marketing tool.

Just recently, Facebook announced that all Facebook users would be able to leverage Facebook Live with their personal pages, and they have lived up to their word.

I’ll show you how to access it here in just a second, but I want to make sure I’m clear: All personal Facebook accounts will be able to access Facebook Live. Facebook Business Pages/Fan Pages will still need to be verified to access Facebook Live.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Live Stream

Facebook Live can be accessed through the Facebook App by clicking on Status (image below) or through the Facebook Mentions App.

I only recommend downloading the Facebook Mentions App if you are going to leverage Facebook Live with your verified Business Fan Page. Otherwise, just stick to using the normal Facebook mobile app.

1_-_facebook_live_-_step_11_-_facebook_live_-_step_1aOnce you click on status, you’ll see at the bottom a little blue blurb pop up that reads ‘New! Record and Share Live Video’. Click it.

1_-_facebook_live_step_1b1_-_facebook_live_-_step_1dYou are now ready to go! Click the continue button and it will take you to the final step before you start your live stream. This is where you want to name your Live Stream.

I recommend naming your Live Stream something that isn’t too long of a title but reflects exactly what you are going to be sharing. This is crucial because your title is what everyone (friends, family, fans) is going to see in the newsfeed.
1_-_facebook_live_-_step_1eSome example titles of past live streams I’ve done are:

Plan Vs. Strategy
Lessons From My 5-Step Money Formula
3 Principles of a 7-Figure Business

The more ‘to the point’ your title is and the better you understand the community you’re serving, the odds of your Facebook Live stream being a massive success are only going to be high.
1_-_facebook_live_-_step_1fStep 2 – Start Your Broadcast!

Your title is now complete. The next step is to click GO LIVE. You’ll get a 3 second countdown and then BOOM! You will be live streaming on Facebook showing up in your friends/family/fans news feed.

There is a button on the top right of the screen that will flip the camera for you… So you can get creative with how you present your live stream – either selfie style facing you, or away from you while you film something.

During the live stream, Facebook will notify you how many people are watching in real time. You will also be able to see comments and interact with your live viewers.

Although you can’t comment back during the actual Live stream, you can like your viewer’s comments and engage with them accordingly.

Step 3 – Edit Your Video

Now that your Facebook Live stream is complete, it’s time to maximize the performance.

Editing a Facebook Live video is no different than editing a normal Facebook video. Click on your Facebook Live Video, click on options then edit.

1_-_facebook_live_-_step_3You can choose a thumbnail (Facebook gives you 10 options), categorize your video, add a call to action to your website, and even edit your title/text!

Once all of that is complete, you can really add some juice to your Facebook Live video by going into the power editor and creating a video ad to get more eyeballs on your live stream.

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook Live and how Vince Reed is leveraging it for his business, CLICK HERE.

I host weekly webinars for my Inner Circle and go into great detail on topics just like this.

In conclusion, Facebook Live will be and has been a major key to my business. We live in an online world and it’s clear to me that video is here to stay… So my best advice would be to take full advantage of Facebook Live!

P.S. Want Me To Help You Build Your Business Using The Internet?
CLICK HERE For More Details

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Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

GENERATE LEADSSome of the best strategies you can use to drive users to your site and improve the visibility of your pages can be found within Google’s Search Console. We’ve highlighted five ways you can take advantage of the tools below to improve the visibility of the content you’ve worked hard to create.


1. Submit all of your pages to the Google index – for free.

By using Google Search Console to submit your URLs, you help Google’s web crawler do a more complete and efficient job of crawling your site. Search Console enables you to submit all of your pages to the Google index, and it’s particularly useful for making sure that we know about all dynamically generated URLs or pages that are not adequately linked to on your site. But please note: submitting a page to the index will not guarantee inclusion or influence your PageRank, and isn’t a replacement for creating compelling and useful content.

Google and Clickbank Secrets

2. Find out how Google sees your site.

Once you’ve made sure we have access to your site, you can see the common words used to link to your pages and that are seen by Google. This allows you to see trends in your site’s content, and can help you determine why you may be ranking for particular keywords. You can also see which page has the highest PageRank by month. Some site owners are surprised to find that this isn’t always the home page. If an internal page has the highest PageRank, you might consider spending more time optimizing the ads there.

Below a couple of screen shots showing results for those keywords driving traffic to my business. In Google Search as of current date the keywords “Original Tropical Oil Paintings For Sale By Artist” is on Google page #1 and position #1 & #2. There were 1.320,000 competitive search results for those keywords. As an artist like ANY other business the steps for success are simple:

  1. You need TRAFFIC to produce LEADS
  2. You need LEADS to create BUYERS
  3. Without BUYERS no business.









3. Diagnose potential problems.

We let you know if, and why, we’re having trouble accessing your site or specific pages. If we can’t crawl a page, we can’t index it — so fixing any errors we list can help improve your overall coverage. If the AdSense Site Diagnostics tool shows that you’re blocking pages from MediaPartners-Google (the AdSense crawler), you can use the robots.txt analysis tool of Google Search Console to test changes to that file and make sure those changes allow access. You can also see what pages you are blocking from other Google bots — this lets you experiment with changes to see how they would affect the crawl of your site.

4. Find out which queries drive traffic to your site.

Using Google Search Console, learn which Google queries created clickthroughs to your site and where you were positioned in the search results for that query. You can also view data for individual properties and countries as well. For instance, you can see the queries from users searching Google Images in the United States that returned your site in the results. You’ll only see properties and countries for which your site has data.

5. Get re-included.

If your site has disappeared from the search results, read through the Google quality guidelines, then correct any problems on your site and request re-inclusion from your Google Search Console account. Please keep in mind that the reinclusion request form is only available to people using Google Search Console.

I’ve Made People $3,500 To $25,000 Monthly With Google & CB Using A Simple System Which I Will Set Up For You Today On A 100% Test Trial! GO HERE NOW

Google and Clickbank Secrets

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How To Increase Your Website/Blog Traffic

How to Increase Website/Blog Traffic is a concern for many online marketers. As an artist my objective is always to generate traffic to my oil paintings. Many people spend a great amount of money trying to launch their website through strong advertising campaigns; however, a lack of funds shouldn’t be a setback as there are many ways to get traffic without spending a dime.


Steps for increasing your website/blog:

1) Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly. Submit it to various search engines and directories. In addition to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and MSN, it’s worth submitting to lesser known web directories. If your website is listed in as many places as possible, it can boost your rankings in major search engines as well.

2) Make sure your title, description head, and header html tags accurately convey the subject of your site; search engine algorithms use these as keywords to categorize your site and direct relevant traffic.

3) Spread the word about your art, your craft, your business, your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites.

4) Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry. Contact the owners of other websites with your proposal to exchange links. You will add their link to your links page, and they will link to your website in return.

5) Post in forums. Visit the online discussion forums where people in your target market like to gather. Post useful responses to people’s questions, and include a link to your website at the end of your post next to your name. Although you ultimately want to get your sig file with the link to your site seen as often as possible, don’t overdo it with your posts, otherwise other forum creators won’t respect you, and therefore won’t visit your site.

6) Comment on blogs. Visit other people’s blogs on the topic related to your website. Most blogs allow you to add comments about the issues being discussed. Add insightful comments about the blog topics, and leave your website link. Your comment and your link will permanently remain on the blog website.

7) Create an e-mail “signature” – your name, your website address and a short tag-line describing the main benefit of your site. Set your e-mail program to automatically add your signature to every e-mail that you send.


8) Look into traffic exchanges. There are many types of traffic exchanges but the idea is the same – you team up with other webmasters, and they send you traffic in exchange for you sending them traffic. Search the web for “traffic exchange” to find those services.

Blog_Image_-_Traffic_Exchange9) Create something of value that people will pass around. It can be a report with useful information that you allow people to give away. It can also be some kind of cool and unusual web-page that people will want to e-mail to all their friends. Of course, the pass-around item will include your advertisement and your link, spreading the word about your website. This is a “viral” strategy.

10) Write articles on the topic related to your website, and include a link to your site in your author bio. Submit your articles to article directories, and allow people to publish your article in their newsletters and websites. Your articles will spread around the web like wildfire. People will read them and visit your website. The best part is that people who read your articles will regard you as an expert, and they will be much more likely to buy from you when they go to your website. How’s that for a free publicity?

Blog_Image_-_Write_Articles11) Use accurate keywords for your content. The point of keywords is that they are the terms most people looking for your article by topic will search by. Check those with free Google terms and use the most popular relevant one in your title – a descriptive title to let them know right away what it is if it’s a word with multiple meanings. Drawing blood for a phlebotomy is not the same thing as a comics artist drawing blood in a fight scene. Be very literal and then use the exact keywords several times in the article where they are relevant, as well as synonyms. Don’t overdo it, or you look like you’re trying to spam Google. Just use the keywords naturally when describing the topic.

If it is a confusing keyword phrase like Drawing Blood, link to the other meaning and mention that in the first paragraph. “This article is about drawing blood in graphic novels. Phlebotomy is drawing blood for medical tests or donations – here’s the other page on “Drawing Blood.” Then link to the phlebotomy page in that. By redirecting confused people you leave them a good impression and they might stop to read your article if they also like doing comics art!

12) Start an e-zine for your web site. When people read each issue they’ll be reminded to revisit your web site. Submit it to all the free e-zine directories on the internet.A news letter!

13) Start your own online discussion community. It could be an online message board, e-mail discussion list or chat room. When people get involved in your community, they will regularly return to communicate with others.

Blog_Image_-_Chat14) Advertise your site at free classified ad sites. There are many of these on the net. Some of the more popular ones are craigslist, inetgiant, Backpage, usfreeads and gumtree.

Blog_Image_-_Craigslist15) Join free safe-lists. These are lists of subscribers who have opted-in to send and receive emails to each other. You can instantly reach potentially thousands of people by sending out emails, and you don’t have to worry about receiving spam complaints either because everyone on the list has opted-in to receive emails. You may go here to create your own “Virtual Secretary” Get Your Auto Responder Here

16) Getting a Facebook Fan Page could also increase your site traffic because hundreds of people will see it.

1_-_Success_Strategies_Fan_Page“LIKE” my Facebook Fan Page Here CLICK HERE NOW

17) Constantly update content on your web-page, so having a news section is a great deal for search engines especially.

1_-_Success_Strategies_Contents_18) Update your Facebook status to let your friends know every time you update your blog and create a Facebook fan page. Your friend’s friends will see when they join the fan page or comment on your status.

1_-_Success_Strategies_Fan_Page_Content19) Submit your website to top social bookmarking sites to create a back link to your website, social bookmarking websites will increase you page rank as well.

Blog_Image_-_Social_Media_Icons_Twitter_etc20) Sign up to yahoo answers and leave great helpful comments to questions people are asking for, leaving a link back to your site with more helpful tips on it.

Blog_Image_-_Yahoo_Answers21) Stay on topic. All this socializing, forum commenting and question answering ought to be on your website’s main topic. The more your activity and site content match in topic, the more likely the right people find it. The more targeted your affiliate links are to the topic, the better you’ll do with them too. People don’t mind advertising that’s on topic, it starts to look like a convenience directory rather than irritating commercials.


1) Steer clear of any advertising tactics that could be construed as spam.

2) Don’t try to use meta data with the keywords that has nothing to do with your content because Google will bring your rank down.

3) Beware of free advertising and traffic swapping. Choose who you advertise with carefully. Check out the site and do a Whois search on anyone that wants to site swap with you prior to agreeing to swap sites.

4) Keep all free ads directed to your business information while setting up an account on Craigslist or other free advertising site. If you decide to advertise for free on Craigslist, make sure your email settings are safe. Use your web site’s email at all times.

Set your advertising to target only the country(s) with whom you want to do business with when initially setting up your free account. Otherwise there is a high chance that you will be bombarded with mass amounts of spam of the worst kind. If you make the mistake of using your own personal contact information, including email address during set up of your account, you’ll likely receive all the usual spam from a Nigerian Prime Minister needing to transfer money (in order to try to extract your bank account information).

You may even receive a fake check in the mail for money. This can happen to anyone when listing a personal item for sale. The moral is: Do not post personal information for all to see on Craigslist and other free advertising venues. These same issues happen with traffic exchanges as well.

5) Be careful who you choose to exchange sites with. Be picky. It is your reputation on the line. The bottom line is to keep it all business when using free advertising and other site promotion options.

Become a “V.I.P. PREMIUM TRAINING” member and have access to hours and hours of Step-by-Step training videos on how to obtain a domain name, create a website/blog and most importantly how to drive targeted traffic to your website/blog. Get a FREE 2-Day trial NOW

Would you like a website/blog to drive traffic to your business?


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FREE Webinar – Have I Been Doing Search Traffic Wrong The Whole Time?

How Vince Reed, 7-Figure Earner is generating leads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms for literally pennies.

Success in marketing is all about strategy and Vince is focused on real results with no hype in his webinar.

It’s all included in my Traffic Report

Weekly Traffic Report which takes place this Wednesday at 6:00 PM PST. Vince Reed, a 7-figure Internet marketer, will show you the exact strategies and ads he is using to drive traffic to his business, offers, and webinars.

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My Internet Traffic System aka MITS Training Review

My Internet Traffic System Training Review aka MITS
is second to none. My Internet Traffic System, or MITS, is an internet lead generation and internet traffic training system founded by Vince Reed. Vince Reed is a well-known traffic strategist and a top internet marketing coach and trainer.

Vince Reed’s favorite quote is “The amount of money you make represents the amount of value you offer the world. The amount of money you make comes down to the amount of starving customers who see your products or services on a daily basis.”


MITS is a online traffic generation education system that provides both beginner and experienced home business owner with training and tips on how to generate targeted leads and buyers continuously.


1)  12 Untapped Traffic Driving Resources This course will reveal 12 little known resources that drives thousands views per week to our site. This program alone is responsible for over $250,000.00 in sales in the last 12 months.

2)  Facebook PPC Secrets: See how you can use Facebook to generate quality leads for your business! Se how you can keep your ad cost down and profits high by using my 2 step process! This will explode your 1 - Facebook PPC Exposedbusiness!

3)  Recruiting Juggernaut (Sneak Peek): Recruit superstars into any network marketing business without tapping friends or family. These are the exact strategies and methods Vince Reed used to recruit and build organizations of over 1,800 members collectively.

4)  Twitter PPC (Sneak Peek): Lead magnet strategies and the secrets to driving massive traffic through Twitter. Setup twitter cards and website cards to create massive traffic for your business!

5)  Pay Per Click Marketing (Sneak Peek): Discover the secrets to leveraging Yahoo and Bing to generate targeted leads for your business. This could be the game changer you are looking for.

6)  4 Part Marketing Mastery Course: This program reveals the strategies and methods that Vince Reed used to become a top producer in 2 different network marketing companies and create three different 7 figure businesses all from home.

1 - Mobile PPC

7)  Mobile PPC Secrets (Sneak Peek): Mobile is the future and the future is NOW. Drive massive traffic from the one tool people cannot live without. This introductory course will be a game changer for you.

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10)  Capture Page Mastery Learn how to create capture pages that convert at a high level.  If you don’t know how to create capture pages and sales pages, you will never build a list and your traffic will be wasted! This course is a game changer!

MITS_-_Learn_How_To_Generate_Leads_Sitting_On_The_Beach_-_VIDEO_IMAGE11)  Best Of The Best Webinars Get private invitations to live webinars hosted by the top online marketers in the industry! The only way to be on this webinar is to be an Inner Circle member. This will give you a huge advantage in the marketplace!

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1_-_Free_WEbinar_With_Register_Now_Button14)  4 Part Marketing Mastery Course This program reveals the strategies and methods that Vince Reed used to become a top producer in 2 different network marketing companies and create three different 7 figure businesses all from home.


If you are an internet marketer marketing online you must have already realized that you need targeted traffic that turns into leads and then into conversions. This is a fundamental for success when marketing ANY business whether online or offline. Traditionally this happens when some guru shows you his or her results and screenshots of the money entering into a Paypal account or some other documentation.

You probably said one day early in your Internet marketing to grow your business and saw how powerful the Internet was, “I’m going to be rich some day!” This was certainly how I felt realizing the opportunity to put my products and services in front of millions of people who wanted them with the click of a button was very exciting.

Most network marketers and internet marketers use the internet to grow their business, so why is it that most of them fail to get results?

If you work in the home business industry and want to learn how to use the internet to generate 10 to 25 leads per day

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